About Me

Arpita Mitra a Professional artist born in Delhi, travelled many cities experienced various facets of life and tried to place it on canvas through her non-conventional type of painting. Arpita's painting speak from her heart due to her edginess and ever changing style. She has always set apart from the norms. She stayed predominantly focused through school , graduated from Punjab University, Chandigarh, and completed her Post Graduation in Economics. She is also Sangeet Prabhakar in Indian Classical Music(Vocal).

Arpita is a self trained artist part legacy from her mother who is an excellent hand creator in art and craft and father a Senior Architect. Following a creative childhood with frequent visits to the art galleries and also her mother's inclination towards art and craft helped her in gaining the confidence in the field of art. Her passion for art inspires her to create her works.

Entirely self taught in the wizardry of Oil Painting and Acrylics she has been creating everything from Landscapes, Abstracts, Portraits, Contemporary Art. She also has an inclination towards craft.

Her forte is Pour Painting with Acrylic on Canvas. Arpita's work provides an interesting blend of consistency and experimentation with colours. Each of her paintings has a story to tell. Arpita a hard worker, an abundance of transfiguring & determination has discovered her true art. Using her Hands and Brushes to paint , channels Emotions of Creating Language of her own though COLORS.

She has created a Online Platform Art Mania Worldwide where anyone can enroll for Online Painting Classes and learn art and craft from her. She has always believed and experienced that everyone has a creative side and they just need the right guidance. She also conducts Workshops for all age groups from time to time. Over the years she has created a number of art works on various subjects and exhibited her works in various art galleries.


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