Artist's Journal

"A True Artist is not One who is Inspired, but one who Inspires others."

Salvador Dali

There is only ONE Thing You Need to Know About being an Artist

What is this one thing you need to know? You need to know THERE ARE NO RULES! Truly, no rules. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to get started!

All of them are great, all of them are perfect - because your art is YOURS. It is not up to what anyone else's opinion on what should be in it or what you create!

Keeping this in mind AMW(Art Mania Worldwide) has come up with Artist's Journal.... A Place for Your Creative Expression - and so you should do absolutely whatever makes you happy and toss all reservation out the window. Don't worry if it's good enough - because if you enjoy the process, it most definitely 100% is perfect.

Reyansh Grover

Priyal Pandey


Shyam Sunder Samanta


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